Hi! I'm Amanda Fredericks, owner and designer behind Red Sparrow.

My design story started at the University of Iowa, and has since taken me on a journey through multiple cities and 4 countries. With a  BFA degree in tow, I gained experience at multiple agencies in both Des Moines, Iowa and Seattle, Washington, where I worked in both small agencies and large global companies, and everything in between. 

As a freelancer, I then followed my German teachings and Europe obsession across the Atlantic to make Berlin and the thriving startup scene my home for 3 years, before heading south to the tiny island of Malta. There, my design skills were put to a new test, as co-founder of Souvenirs That Don't Suck (a design-centric souvenir shop) and Prints of Wales (an eco-minded merchandising company, with clientele that included Valletta 2018 European Capital of Culture). 

And alas, after that mouthful of city-hopping and experiences, I find myself currently in the beautiful city of Lisbon, Portugal, taking on the next adventure one day at a time.

You can find my full work bio
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